Course 5 Final Project: Making Thinking Visible

I remember being near paralysis when I sat down to write my first blog post. What would I say? What would people think about what I said? Who would read it? I had so many questions so I created Ideas that Float as a forum for my wonderings. I knew that I was going to learn, stretch, and grow in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined at the start. I predicted that some questions I would eventually answer, others I would gladly ponder for months, possibly years, to come, and some might surface as influential thoughts that I wouldn’t know where or how they would lead me. This is exactly what unfolded. As I look back over my posts here, I can see that my learning is chronologically recorded, focused through specific lenses (courses), and has other thinkers responding to and contributing their own wonderings. I now have a record of how my thinking is influencing my wonderings and how my wonderings are guiding my actions. This blog has become my own vehicle for making my thinking visible! I have accomplished exactly the same question I asked of my students:

How can you use technology to make your thinking more visible? 

This was my plan:

As usual, some things went according to plan, while others didn’t. When the learning and teaching did go according to plan we had a guide of where we were headed, why we were aiming for that horizon, and how we were going to get there. When things didn’t go according to plan, we discovered new learning, we asked questions we wouldn’t have otherwise wondered, and we developed new plans. Based on that journey, here is the experience my students and I shared and we are pleased to now share it with you.

So now after fifteen months of recording and noticing what floats to the surface for me, I have joined more online communities, become a more curious thinker, honed my observation and listening skills, become a blogger, worked with and learned from colleagues around the world, and I have stretched what I now know about teaching and learning to encompass new dimensions involving technology. So my final COETAIL wonderings are:

  • Where do you see this experience leading to next?
  • How does my journey spark, influence, impact your own journey?
  • What floats to the surface for you? 

Thanks to all of you who have undertaken this journey with me and to all of you just beginning, enjoy the ride . . . you never know what will come up!







4 Replies to “Course 5 Final Project: Making Thinking Visible”

  1. What really stood out to me was the student interviews. In particular, they clearly understood how to express the goals you were trying to achieve; they talked about how they were using (not learning) tools to make visible their learning (which was standards and not content based) – that was awesome to watch.

  2. Love your introduction, Becca! Great use of photos and text, alongside your narration to make your video super engaging and easy to follow. The structure in your video also makes it exceptionally easy to follow and understand. I like the images from your classroom with the student quotes. Love the sample video – and so great to see and hear those Visible Thinking routines in action! I love how students had so many choices of how to demonstrate their learning! Your student reflections are so eloquent! They can really explain their thinking so clearly – I’m sure this is evidence of their experience with visible thinking. I love the comment from the last student about how technology helps her “imagine” her learning. LOVE your reflection section (& the section titles against the whiteboard :))

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