A little bit about my journey . . .

  • I grew up in Denver, Colorado a big sister who always loved school, the outdoors, and  playing soccer
  • I studied English Lit and Italian in college and then headed to India for six months to volunteer where I fell in love with teaching
  • I moved to Chicago, Illinois studied teaching at Northwestern, and then taught two years at a charter school on the west side, one of the steepest learning curves of my life
  • I then joined my best friend to work at a KIPP charter school in Gary, Indiana where I remained for three years teaching 5th and 6th graders Nonfiction Studies
  • Finally, I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia to teach 5th graders and began my experience teaching abroad, I am now entering my fourth year here and still learning every day

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What brought me to COETAIL:

I learn best by reading, discussing new ideas, working together, experimenting, creating, and reflecting. When I go through that process, either professionally or personally, I gather lots of information about both the content and myself as a learner. I can’t hold onto it all but amidst those new experiences, there are always some ideas that float to the surface, that stay with me. Ideas that I want to try more of or explore further. COETAIL has been one of those ideas, something I have heard about, a learning experience I have wanted to try. I know it will be a steep learning curve for me but I am excited for the opportunity to see what comes to the surface.


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